General Thanks

Obviously, I couldn't do this without the players who inspired the first Osmium campaign, Cooper, Ned, Ryan, and Steven. And I'd be remiss if I didn't thank my wife Maja and son.


The randomization functions make use of code provided by It should be properly documented.


Thank you to and Kate Monk's Onomastikon, from which I've learned a lot about categorization of names.


This website is primarily for me and my campaign, so I've basically stolen all the art. If you'd like me to remove it, please don't hesitate to contact me at My name is Parker Emerson, btw.


This page makes extensive use of the Genesys / Narrative Dice System by Fantasy Flight.

I've drawn a lot of inspiration from the Genesys Expanded Talents work by TheSapient, ESP77, Swordbreaker, Richardbuxton, and drainsmith.

Hyperspace lanes, as they're currently written, are inspired by the drivespace rules from Stars Without Number Revised by Kevin Crawford.

Osmium and Osmium Universe are trademarked (TM) by Parker Harris Emerson. The Osmium Universe is Copyright 2018-2019 Parker Harris Emerson. Genesys and the Narrative Dice System Copyright 2017-2019 Fantasy Flight Games.