Here you'll find all the things a PC in the Osmium Universe needs to buy, that don't have wheels.

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Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons
NameSkillDamage CritRangeEnc PriceRarity Hard Special
Brass KnucklesBrawl+13Engaged012510
RapierMelee+02Engaged022551Accurate 1, Defensive 2
Combat KnifeMelee+13Engaged012510
SpearMelee+24Engaged212521Accurate 1, Defensive 1
SwordMelee+22Engaged327531Defensive 1, Pierce 1
⤷ Boarding ScimitarMelee+22Engaged337531Defensive 1, Pierce 1, Accurate 1 versus Minion Groups
AxeMelee+33Engaged225031Vicious 1
ShieldMelee+06Engaged17531Defensive 1, Deflection 1, Inaccurate 1, Knockdown
Shield, LargeMelee+15Engaged212542Defensive 2, Deflection 2, Inaccurate 2, Knockdown
Shield, RiotMelee+25Engaged2290042Cumbersome 4, Defensive 2, Deflection 2, Inaccurate 1, Knockdown, Reinforced
Mace / HammerMelee+34Engaged425051Accurate 1, Defensive 2
GreataxeMelee+43Engaged430053Cumbersome 3, Pierce 2, Vicious 2
GreathammerMelee+44Engaged525053Cumbersome 3, Disorient 2, Knockdown, Vicious 2
⤷ D.E.S.Melee+44*Engaged565063Cumbersome 3, Disorient 2, Knockdown, Vicious 2
GreatswordMelee+42Engaged330053Defensive 1, Pierce 1, Unwieldy 3
StunstickMelee+45Engaged217540Stun Damage
WhipMelee+44Short325020Ensnare 1, Unwieldy 2

Ranged Weapons

Ranged Weapons
NameSkillDamage CritRangeEnc PriceRarity Hard Special
Compact BlasterRanged (Light)43Short150041Accurate 1, Pierce 2
Holdout BlasterRanged (Light)43Short160061Accurate 1, Pierce 2, See Description
Blaster PistolRanged (Light)64Medium165031Accurate 1, Pierce 2
Heavy Blaster PistolRanged (Light)73Medium275061Accurate 1, Pierce 2
Blaster RifleRanged (Heavy)83Long4120062Accurate 1, Pierce 2
Blaster Assault RifleRanged (Heavy)93Long5132573Accurate 1, Autofire, Pierce 2
Sniper BlasterRanged (Heavy)122Extreme5215073Accurate 2, Pierce 2, Prepare 2, Vicious 1
Compact PistolRanged (Light)43Short135031Variable Ammo
PistolRanged (Light)64Medium150041Variable Ammo
⤷ with Self-Healing Ablative SheathRanged (Light)64Medium150041Variable Ammo, Special
Heavy PistolRanged (Light)73Medium260061Variable Ammo
RifleRanged (Heavy)83Long4115062Variable Ammo
Assault RifleRanged (Heavy)93Long5132573Autofire, Variable Ammo
Sniper RifleRanged (Heavy)122Extreme5215073Accurate 2, Pierce 1, Prepare 2, Variable Ammo

Weapon Descriptions and Notes

Mundane Weapons: All weapons listed include elements of smartmatter. For mundane weapons, lower their Damage by 1 (to a minimum of 1), increase their Critical Hit by 1 (to a maximum of 5), and add the mundane quality.

Greathammer (Dark Ephemeris Smithwerks): The Vengeance on Giants line of weapons is quite popular. This Greathammer lowers its Critical Hit requirement to aaa against enemies with a Silhouette of 2 or greater, as well as against species with a natural Brawn of 3 or greater.

Heavy Pistols: Heavy Pistols (and Heavy Blaster Pistols) are always conspicuous. Anyone wearing one is clearly carrying.

Holdout Pistol: Adds bb to any Perception roll made to find the weapon.

Self-Healing Ablative Sheath: Weapons with this Sheath do Pierce +3 on their first shot of combat, if not using special ammo.

Shield(s): Shields consist of a bulky vambrace worn on the off-hand. With a moment's notice, a shield can form a localized force-field, protecting the wielder. The force-field may be toggled between being opaque and transparent.

Sniper Guns (Blaster / Rifle): You may not move after performing your Prepare maneuvers, or you have to take the maneuver(s) again.


NamePriceEncRarity Special
Armor-Piercing75/15004Your weapon gains Pierce 2.
Botkiller100/20003Better against robots. Useless against flesh.
Mana Burn150/30006Your weapon gains Pierce 2. Does 3 additional strain to spellcasters.
Seeking50/10005Your weapon gains Accurate 2.
Wraithkiller75/15005Better against undead.

Ammunition Description

Unlike energy weapons, projectile weapons can have different types of ammunition. All characters wielding Ranged [Projectile] weapons are considered to have traditional ammunition in sufficient quantities to fire the weapon (until they roll an Out of Ammo dice result, that is). However, a character may purchase specialized ammunition for a given fight. As a maneuver, a character may change out their ammo. This ammo lasts until the end of the encounter. Ammunition is twice as expensive for heavy weapons as it is for light ones.

Armor-Piercing: Your weapon gains Pierce 2, or increases its Pierce rating by 2.

Botkiller: Your character counts the Critical rating of their weapon as one lower (to a minimum of 1) when making an attack targeting a robotic adversary. Your weapons do no damage against non-robotic adversaries.

Mana Burn: Rips at the secret stores of magical elements in a target. Your weapon gains Pierce 2, or increases its Pierce rating by 2. If an attack with the ammo causes wounds (after soak) to a target with ranks in a Magic skill, it does 3 strain as well.

Seeking: Your weapon gains Accurate 2, or increases its Accurate rating by 2.

Wraithkiller: This ammunition is made from encapsulated prisms of sunlight, as well as various silver alloys and enchanted tinctures. Your character counts the Critical rating of their weapon as one lower (to a minimum of 1) when making an attack targeting an undead adversary.


NameSkillDamage CritRangeEnc PriceRarity Hard Special
Anti-Magic GrenadeRanged - Light84Short110060Blast 4, Limited Ammo 1, Special
Armor Piercing GrenadeRanged - Light84Short110050Blast 4, Pierce 3, Limited Ammo 1
Flash-bang GrenadeRanged - Light04Short15040Limited Ammo 1, Special
Frag GrenadeRanged - Light84Short15050Blast 6, Limited Ammo 1
Smoke GrenadeRanged - Light04Short15040Limited Ammo 1, Special

Grenades Description

Anti-Magic Grenade. Anybody taking damage from this grenade has the difficulty of all Magic Skill rolls upgraded twice.

Flash-bang Grenade. Anybody in the blast area must make a Daunting dddd Resilience roll or have the difficulty of all actions they take upgraded twice (for about three rounds, depending on timing of scene).

Smoke Grenade. Fills a room with smoke, providing up to bbb to rolls that require sight.


Personal Armor
NamemDefrDefSoakEncPriceRarity Hard Special
Dense Clothing00115000
Technical Vest001330053
Padded Armor002250010
Combat Vest1113100061
Heavy Combat Armor1126500074
Carapace Armor0033250053
Commander's Armor0013150071The wearer upgrades all Leadership checks they make while wearing this armor.
Field Medic Armor0013150071The wearer upgrades all Medicine checks they make while wearing this armor.
Stealth Armor0013150071The wearer upgrades all Stealth checks they make while wearing this armor.



NamePriceEncRarity Special
Shield, Warcaster50014Defensive 1, Deflection 1, Inaccurate 1, Knockdown
Scepter of Skirmishing50014
Rod of Negation50014
Murphy's Wand45014

Implement Descriptions and Notes

Murphy's Wand: When using the Curse action, the wielder may include the Misfortune effect without increasing the difficulty of the spell. In addition, the wielder may Concentrate on the curse as a free maneuver (though they are still limited to two maneuvers per turn).

Rod of Negation: When your character wields this, adding one rank of the Range effect to the Dispel action doesn't increase its difficulty.

In addition, your Magical Attack action has its base damage increased by two.

Scepter of Skirmishing: When your character casts a spell while using a scepter of skirmishing, add b to the check and adding the Close Combat effect does not increase the difficulty.

In addition, Magical Attack spells cast by your character increase their base damage by two.

Warcaster Shield: This shield functions as a regular shield. In addition, it also functions as an implement (imposing no penalty for an object in hand). Also, it allows its caster to use the Add Defense ability of the Barrier action without adding any difficulty to the roll.

Other Gear

Other Gear
NamePriceEncRarity Special
Breather7502+2 Rarity on space stations, +4 Rarity on planets with Human-breathable atmosphere
Climbing Harness7523
Cold Weather Gear11031+2 Encumbrance when carried instead of worn
Disguise Kit15015
Goggles, Full-Spectrum8013
Holo-projector, Personal10015
Lock Bypass Kit25014
Medkit, Emergency10011
Medkit, Standard50023
Memescape Interface, Standard10003
Memescape Interface, Hard Case30015
Pressure Tent27542+2 Rarity on space stations, +4 Rarity on planets with Human-breathable atmosphere
Ritual Components20025
Ritual Components, Refill7504
Space Suit20041+2 Rarity planet-side
Traveler's Pack7533
Walkie Talkies20004

Gear Descriptions and Notes

Autohealer: Identical to painkillers in Genesys Core Rules, page 94.

An auto-administering collection of medical smartmatter, an autohealer can rapidly restore function to damaged flesh.

Using an autohealer requires one maneuver for your character to apply it either to themself or to another engaged character. The autohealer is consumed in the process, and the character immediately heals 5 wounds. While a character can use multiple autohealers, this provides diminishing returns. Each autohealer after the first heals one wound fewer. A second autohealer heals 4 wounds, a third heals 3, and so on. Using a sixth autohealer in a day has no further effect.

After one day, the lingering effects of the autohealers wear off, and the character may use autohealers again with their normal effect (this means a character can use up to five autohealers a day, each day). See GCB 116 for more information on autohealers and healing.

Backpack: Wearing a backpack gives you +4 Encumbrance threshold.

Breather: A face mask (covering mouth and nose) that filters out most airborne toxins. Makes Thick atmospheres breathable. Can be attached to a spacesuit breather tank for up to 12 hours of air.

Breather tank: 12 hours of air.

Climbing Harness: Ropes, pitons, harness strapps, and other climbing gear. Removes up to two bb from Athletics rolls for climbing sheer faces. Allows a player to aid another in climbing. Noisy and not necessarily recommended for black-ops/stealth climbing.

Cold Weather Gear: Jackets, gloves, masks, extra socks. Allows the wearer to ignore up to bb due to cold weather.

Disguise Kit: A basic kit for disguising oneself as another. Changing gender is possible but difficult; species even more so.

Goggles, Full-Spectrum: A pair of goggles that include fields such as infrared, nightvision, telescopic, and magical (though the last one requires training to interpret).

Holo-projector, Personal: A trio of devices that a user can control with a memescape interface, or program in advance. With at least one device in place, a holo-projection up to ten feet cubed can be cast. The projection is clearly false and somewhat transparent. Memescape AR broadcasting can make it even more realistic (visually), but is clearly labeled as illusionary by virtue of it being a memescape image.

Lock Bypass Kit: A basic kit including a memescape augment for basic quantronic overrides, a set of lockpicks, small vials of acid, and other materials needed to bypass most non-networked locks.

Medkit, Emergency: A basic toolkit for addressing injuries and common ailments. Allows a user to make Medicine rolls without penalty.

Medkit, Standard: An advanced medical toolkit for advanced practitioners. Includes tools necessary for field surgery. Allows a user to make Medicine rolls without penalty, and also adds a b to all Medicine checks. Additionally, the medkit has enough supplies to grant its user the equivalent of one autohealer per encounter (though the GM can always rule its run out of such supplies).

Memescape Interface, Standard: A minimal interface for the Memescape. Allows for various augmented reality functions, including cultural protocol guidance, asynchronous video messaging, and the ability to access the greater resources of urban memescape nodes.

The basic interfaces are usually a thin visual and projection device that clips around your eye, and a thin haptic glove.

Memescape Interface, Hard Case: Designed for those doing extensive memescape work in rough environments (starship technicians, in advertising, and hackers, in reality), a Hard Case Memescape Interface offers no additional tools or programs compared to a standard interface, but it does come with numerous redundances and allow for more minimal motions when manipulating the 3D AR representations that make up the memescape. Jawbone receivers allow for more control when your hands are busy, and most option menus are accessible with a variety of body parts.

Remove b caused by enviromental or physical factors when making Computer checks.

Pressure Tent: This sealed tent encloses a breathable atmosphere, tolerable temperature, and tight sleeping quarters for five occupants. Internal rebreather tech allows a single full breather tank to provide air for five occupants for 12 hours (or 60 hours of breathable air for one person).

Ritual Components: The tools needed to cast rituals. Rituals are… poorly defined right now. But they're basically going slower for easier difficulties, longer effects. Refills are the parts of a components kit that you run out of.

Space Suit: A space suit is useful for any sort of extra-vehicular activity, be it starship repair or emergency escape. The standard model used throughout the galaxies includes small thrusters to aid in movement, magboots for walks in weightlessness, a short-range commlink for talking with others nearby (usually redundant with a memescape interface), hooks and fittings for tools, and a few patches for emergency suit repair. A breather tank holds about 12 hours of air.

Toolkit: A box or bag of the basic tools needed to fix mechanical apparatus in a complicated universe. While a universe full of computers and magic will often require other tools, this includes the basics for repair and maintenance of everything from starships and computer cores to weapons and habitats.

In addition to basic tools (like hammers, wrenches, wiring, patching equipment, power calibrators, laser and sonic welders, etc.), the kit also includes diagnostic tools (including diagnostic memescape attachments, Turing calibrators, and magical sparkmeters) and safety equipment (gloves and goggles).

Toolkits allow mechanics to perform Mechanics checks to repair most devices.

Traveler's Pack: A pack including a bedroll, a tent, a canteen, a cooking stove and basic cooking supplies, 50' of rope, and a thermal blanket.

Walkie Talkies: Having little to do with ancient radio devices, the Translator Virus still refers to devices such as this as walkie talkies. This is an augment for a memescape interface (the price is the same whether you buy it as one device or as an additional piece of equipment) that allows for short-range synchronous communication between memescape interfaces. The general range is up to ten miles, subject to interference from cryptonodes, gravitic anomalies, and magic.


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