House Rules

The following house rules are in effect at my table. You're welcome to use them or not. I've split them here into two categories - Table Rules and Structural Rules. Structural Rules are rules that you should be aware of, but don't actually come in to play at the table. Things like character generation. Table Rules are rules you should know about at the table. It's your table, but everything here is built on those assumptions.

Table Rules

Lifestyle Tax

Rather than track the vagaries of meals and incidentals, I charge my players a "Lifestyle Tax", based on the table here. I charge this tax every 2-5 sessions, depending on how much time has passed. The players ability to interact with the world is based on their current lifestyle. A vagabond may not be able to get into a restaurant in which a rich character is buying rounds for the house.

Structural Rules

Career Skill Choice

Careers include choices of career skills. Careers include starting equipment and can be a prerequisite for talents.

Thoughts: Some GMs just allow for ad-hoc careers, since the only thing they generate is career skills, treating setting careers as suggestions. R.A.W. careers don't allow for any choice, even though the concept might work with Brawl instead of Melee, etc. This strikes a happy medium for me - choices of career skills where an archetype might allow for different options, but still structured enough to allow for prerequisite talents and trees and so forth.

New Weapon Quality: Variable Ammo

Projectile weapons, unlike energy weapons, can take different types of ammunition. Doing so allows for greater specialization for specific fights. This item quality costs 100 credits.

Knife Theory

As described in this reddit post.

  • Every named person your character cares about, living or dead (i.e. sibling, spouse, childhood friend) +1 knife. A large family can be bundled into +1 BIG knife
  • Every phobia or trauma your character experiences/has experienced +1 knife
  • Every mystery in your character's life (i.e. unknown parents, unexplained powers) +1 knife
  • Every enemy your character has +1 knife
  • Every ongoing obligation or loyalty your character has +1 knife. Additionally, every obligation your character has failed +1 knife
  • Every serious crime your character has committed (i.e. murder, arson) +1 knife
  • Every crime your character is falsely accused of +1 knife.
  • Alternatively if your character is a serial killer or the leader of a thieves guild, those crimes can be bundled under a +1 BIG knife
  • Any discrimination experienced (i.e. racism) +1 knife
  • Every favored item/heirloom +1 knife
  • Every secret your character is keeping +1 knife

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