Organizations of the Osmium Universe


While the Federation is a relatively socialistic society, it does have a strong capitalist undercurrent. However, the Federal government is easily the largest employer in the Federation.

Office of Tactical Strength

The Federation doesn't have a standing army (technically). It instead has the Office of Tactical Strength, an outfit dedicated to the military superiority of the Federation over other empires. The Office of Tactical Strength, or OTS for short, is composed primarily of well-trained government employees capable of using guns, magic, and starships to defend the borders of the Federation. But it's not a military. The OTS also has numerous black-ops teams, propaganda and espionage groups, and has outfits liaising with many of the other Federation government branches.


Organizations that exist outside the governmental powers, dedicated to the magical practices.

The Coven of Owls

The Coven of Owls is a members-only club for Purple Mages. More of a social organization than a guild or company, the Coven exists as a networking opportunity for the machinations of its members. While it has strong traditional ties to the ideologies of the Winter School of casting, the Coven is open to any Purple Magic practitioner.

There are small covensteads of Owls wherever there are sufficient numbers of Purple Mages. A covenstead doesn't require much to open, since the Coven of Owls provides so little support to its members. A covenstead is merely a gathering place, usually with a small library and a meeting room.

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