Religion and Deities

Table of Contents

Elven Gods

All Elves worship the same eight gods, the gods who created them. But every elven culture views their gods through a different lens.

Summer Elf

Esther, the Gentle

The Goddess of Summer. The Lady of Healing and Rest.

Oberon, the Fae King

The God of Summer. The Lord of the Forests and the Master of the Great Hunt.

Mandos, the Unfeeling

The God of Autumn. The Lord of Fate and the Judge of the Dead.

Yavanna, the Provider

The Goddess of Autumn. The Fruit Giver and the Lady of Stone.

Lorien, the Harbinger

The God of Winter. The Lord of Nightmares and the Deceiver.

Navarda, the Emptiness

The Goddess of Winter. The Star Queen and Lady of the Void.

Ulmo, the Captain

The God of Spring. The Explorer and Lord of Discovery.

Vanessa, the Dancer

The Goddess of Spring. The Lover and Lady of Song.

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