The Seven Wastes Sector

Red Bear

Meta-Coordinates: 0710

Control: Federation

Bear Camp

Atmosphere: Breathable

Gravity: Standard

The original colony of the Federation in the Seven Wastes sector, Bear Camp has since fallen a bit by the wayside. It has lost a bit of its luster as a new colony was established. However, the major Federation shipyard in the sector still orbits Bear Camp, so its prominence has not completely waned.

Red Bear II

Atmosphere: Inert gas

Gravity: Standard

A Summer Elf colony, Raven II is dedicated to two great tasks. First, completing the terraforming of the planet. Second, building a great prism of faith dedicated to the Elven Pantheon. While the laws of the Federation, Red Bear II is functionally a theocratic state, as everything is in service of the two great works of the colony.


Meta-Coordinates: 0810

Control: Federation

Raven II

Atmosphere: Thick atmosphere, breathable with a pressurized mask

Gravity: Light

Temperature: Warm

Biosphere: Hybrid

A desert mono-climate of recently uplifted lizardmen. The lizardmen revere the Federation and Summer Elves who introduced them to the galactic stage.

The world is mostly dry, dotted with isolated valley oases filled with jungle, a few square miles each. The lizardmen of Raven II are very protective of these jungles and the rare orchids that lie within.

There is a small Federation cultural uplift station (about a thousand employees) on Raven II, but the rest of the planet is still being uplifted.


Meta-Coordinates: 0910

Control: Federation

Shalespear III

Atmosphere: Breathable

Gravity: Normal

Temperature: Temperate

Biosphere: Human-miscible

Shalespear III is a oceanic planet wracked by seismic instability. Islands form and disappear within years. As such, the only native surface fauna are some small species of birds who subsist of kelp and fish who swim near the surface.

Even though the system is nominally a Federation system, Shalespear III is in actuality a lawless wasteland. It is the accepted neutral meeting grounds of various mercenary companies in the Seven Wastes sector, where companies of soldiers can come and relax while their captains search for new jobs. A healthy economy has sprung up catering to warriors in need of some rest and relaxation, and to the kind of official who comes to Shalespear in search of a mercenary company for hire.

A description of its current places-of-interest is difficult, since the communities of mercenaries that crop up are temporary by nature. A captain or two will land their corvette or frigate on the same island, and a community, called locally a 'pod', will crop up, and last until those larger ships take off.

Abitha Lambosa



Skills: Cool 2, Coordination 1, Discipline 1, Leadership 3, Mechanics 1, Melee 1, Negotiation 2, Piloting 2, Ranged (Heavy) 1, Ranged (Light) 3, Resilience 1


Blaster Pistol
MediumAccurate 1, Pierce 2


  • Adversary: Upgrade the difficulty of combat checks targeting Abitha once.
  • Quick Draw: Once per round on Abitha's turn, she may use this talent to draw or holster an easily accessible weapon or item as an incidental. Quick Draw also reduces a weapon's Prepare rating by one, to a minimum of one.
  • Jump Up: Once per round during Abitha's turn, she may use this talent to stand from a prone or seated position as an incidental.
  • Spacer Augmentations: Abitha only takes 1 wound per round when exposed to a vacuum, and 1 strain per round when suffocating.
  • Subdermal Plating: Abitha's soak and melee defense are increased by 1 (factored).

Quote: "Just because we're bored doesn't mean we've grown dull or soft. I see what you're up to."

Appearance: A fit woman in her early 30s (thanks to a number of temporal regenerative treatments and anti-aging drugs). Cutting blue eyes. Rich, always styled brown hair.


  • Runs her index finger along things; if she's not holding something, then her face.
  • Cool, but friendly. Enjoys being flirted with (if done respectfully, even though she rarely accepts).
  • Doesn't suffer fools or inefficiency any further than she has to.
  • Abitha is not happy with the Queen's Entirety's current predicament.

Gear: Blaster Pistol, 200 credits in Vaultmarques, Hard Case memescape interface, Combat Vest

Painted Wall. The Queen's Entirety was contracted for a war that never happened, and now the Entirety waits out its three year contract in case the cold war ever heats up. Her captain, Abitha Lambosa, (Spacer - Female) keeps the crew in a steady state of drills so that they don't grow soft. Due to the enduring presence of the Entirety, the pod around the frigate has become somewhat stable. The crescent island has a large cliff-face, upon which is a hundred foot portrait of Lambosa from which the pod gets its name.

King Louie's. Years ago, "King" Louie raced for Shalespear III, hoping to outrun his pursuers, making for the neutral ground of the atmosphere. His ship wasn't designed to enter atmo, but he pushed his engineer and pilot to do it anyway. They did, and now, the ship is stuck. The retrofits and repairs that would have to happen to make the ship starborn again would be extensive and expensive. Instead, the former captain is now a leader of a floating city. The largest ship on Shalespear III, the eponymous King Louie floats the currents of the world, with other ships coming to it.

The pod holds itself out as the luxury destination on the planet. It's not just for mercenaries, but the truly successful ones. The ones with money to spend on quality. It has its own security force - King Louie doesn't rely on captains to keep their crews in line. The casino at King Louie's is something to behold - a feather in the cap of any respected gambler in the Seven Wastes.

Breadbasket [IV]

Atmosphere: Breathable

Gravity: Normal

Temperature: Variable cold (eliptical orbit; long, cold winters)

Biosphere: Human-miscible

Breadbasket is a Federation colony, populated mostly by Recognitives. Earth-like atmosphere, agrarian, but a young world with lots of rugged geography. A couple different towns, world population around 25,000.

Breadbasket is the only world in the sector capable of making garden bridge (or geebee), a mild narcotic that is particularly pleasing to cybernetic beings.

Clearlight: The main community of Breadbasket is Clearlight. Clearlight has just shy of 10,000 inhabitants. It's architecture is still the prefab housecap material. The town is dominated by a temple to the Shepherd, the Recognitive god of forgotten people.

Mote of Order and Chaos

Meta-Coordinates: 1108

Control: Independent

The Mote is an artifact of great power. Three hundred years ago, the Cog Dwarf goddess of Order kissed the Cog Dwarf god of deception and trickery. That kiss manifested as a tiny mote of perfectly balanced law and chaos, order and entropy.

Approaching closer than about 100 million miles to the Mote is unsafe to most beings. But the incredible power the Mote generates is a magnet to many. Two great stations (known as Order and Chaos) orbit the Mote, each in the penumbra of the Mote's power. In the shadow of the Mote's lawful side, a space station dedicated to complete law and structure. In the shadow of its entropic side, a loose collection of stations and starships known as Chaos.

At the markets of order and chaos, anything can be bought.


Meta-Coordinates: 1207

Control: Hegemony

Angel's Keep

Meta-Coordinates: 1209

Control: Hegemony

Angel's Keep II

Atmosphere: Breathable mix

Gravity: Normal

Temperature: Warm

Biosphere: Immiscible

A dry world filled with the rich minerals needed by the Hegemony, staffed mostly by Cog Dwarves and Terrans. The local flora and megafauna are poisonous to humans. The Hegemony attempted to introduce Terran flora, but it is an ongoing process.

Despite the freedom of Earth, almost half a million humans still live and work on Angel's Keep II. Some don't know any different, and others can't afford to leave.

Hightower [III]

Atmosphere: Thick atmosphere, breathable with a pressurized mask

Gravity: Normal

Temperature: Temperate

Biosphere: Human-miscible

Hightower is one of the largest presences of the Hegemony in the Seven Wastes. A major colony, with extensive resources pushed towards its development over the last two centures. Despite it's normal gravity, the world is home to volatile temperature anomalies in the atmosphere, that make for tricky (but exciting) flying, and a second son of a Keeper of the 14th Vault has made the world its home. The presence of such a noble has pushed Hightower into prominence.

Cybernetics have been en vogue on Hightower, with most of the Cog Dwarf citizenry getting breathing apparatus installed. Avens usually don't modify their beaks, but other cybernetic implants are common there as well.

Birch Mill. The default port city of Hightower, Birch Mill is as non-flyer friendly as it gets on Hightower. Which is to say, not terribly. Steps are often one foot in height, and many main entrances are on the second or third floor, with "walker entrances" buried in the backs of buildings.

Angel's Keep IV

Atmosphere: Thin atmosphere (requires suit)

Gravity: Light

Temperature: Cold

Biosphere: Microbial Life

The fourth world of Angel's Keep has deep mines of arcanium that are not currently profitable to mine. However, their presence near the core of the small world makes an opportune learning environment for Blue Mages. As such, the Hegemony's largest Blue Magic academy is hear on AKIV.


Meta-Coordinates: 1308

Control: Hegemony

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