by Parker Harris Emerson

Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure

The Osmium Universe is one of infinite possibilities, a space fantasy kitchen-sink where every trope is included, from elves and dragons to cyborgs and starships. The goal is to create a setting where the players can do anything, and the GM can throw anything at the players.

The universe is designed so that the tone should match modern pulp. Spielberg. Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Action and adventure, where plucky heroes save the day through a combination of quick wit and strong fists, but occasionally there is also a brief detour into an awkward dinner party or comedic romance.

Genesys RPG

The setting was designed for use with Genesys Role Playing System, handily the most fun I've had with an RPG, probably ever.

The Players' section, above, is where you'll find the kind of rules info a player needs to build a character. The GM section above is more rules on the universe and so forth. Players can still poke around there, generally without too much worry. The Adventures section, though - that's strictly off-limits for players. That's behind-the-curtain territory.

State of the Site

November 28, 2018: The site is currently under active development. The most recent major update was the ME1a update, which included:

  • A short starting adventure, The Cry of Atalanta. Coming soon.
  • Vehicles and Hyperspace Rules
  • A sortable Bestiary
  • Recommended Talent Tags for Careers
  • A Character Concept Generator
  • An Osmium Character Sheet

Osmium and Osmium Universe are trademarked (TM) by Parker Harris Emerson. The Osmium Universe is Copyright 2018 Parker Harris Emerson. Genesys and the Narrative Dice System Copyright 2017-2018 Fantasy Flight Games.