The following talents are available in the Osmium setting. This list supersedes the talents available in the Genesys Core Rules (though it does incorporate most of them).


In order to help search for talents that might be of use to your character, each talent is tagged. These tags are not requirements, nor do they have any rules effects.

The current tags are:

  • Adventurer – For general purpose adventuring awesomeness, including luck and talents that don't fit anywhere else.
  • Athleticism – For feats of Athletics, Coordination, and movement.
  • Awareness – Seeing and spotting things.
  • Beasts – We Tarzan now, bois.
  • Brawl – With use of the Brawl skill.
  • Combat – If this is the kind of thing that would get Brawl, Melee, and Range tags, I'm just shortcutting to Combat.
  • Computers – teh hakzors.
  • Cyber – Cybernetic enhancement. Not yet in active development.
  • Knowledge – Knowing things.
  • Leader – Warlord talents, that benefit your allies in combat. Either inspiration, or tanking.
  • Magic – Spellcasting shenanigans, and magic resistance.
  • Mechanics – Fixin' things.
  • Medicine – Fixin' people.
  • Melee – Swords. Boards, also.
  • Ranged – Have gun, will travel.
  • Skulduggery – General roguishness. Not just the skill; anything suspect in the eyes of the law, or morality.
  • Social – Face talents.
  • Species - Search for [Vrar], [Elf], [Human], etc to find these talents.
  • Tough – Not-dying oriented talents.
  • Vehicles – Wheelpeople.

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